November 23, 2014

Holiday Activity

It's that time of year, everything gets kicked into high gear as Holiday preparations and anticipations set in!  Sometimes we have to find a way to create connection and allow for room in all the "busy" to enjoy the season with those we love.

Quick update, currently a number of my medium to smaller works are for sale at The Andrew & Laura McCain Gallery as part of the Small Works Group Art Sale.  Check them out on Facebook or Website and if your able, drop by and see for yourself the wide variety in creative talents and therefore unique gifts you will find.

Also I am having a Holiday Sale on select works as well as $10 off any of my currently available regular priced pieces.  Visit my website for more details and or email me, I'd be happy to answer any of your questions. If you live locally my husband and I would be glad to arrange to deliver art pieces directly, what can I say, my hubby enjoys playing Santa!

November 2, 2014

Contentment In Creating

Snow is on the ground! We got our first snow fall and I am loving it!

Winter is my time to experiment and try new things with my artwork, and I love it, love the freedom to just combine ideas and see what happens.  It's the time I am most content. Winter spells freedom for me so I love it!

My "Shades of Grey" piece is getting closer to that finished place, I think...

Working with this particular palette in such a limited colour mix has been a challenge, but oh my gosh the textures I've achieved on this one is over the top.

It began with texture paste and diatomaceous earth

Golden crackle paste, collage and palette knife to paint.

I feel like I'm unearthing treasure!

Then on the table, under wraps, well you just never know what you will find under there!  Have no idea if it's going to work as I hope, but I'm sure it will at least make an interesting background if not!

Anyway, hope others are having as much fun as I am, and above all feeling the contentment that comes with doing just what your spirit needs to.

"The magic of the creative process will never be experienced unless we persist and trust that there is a force working in every situation that we cannot know until we undergo the experience."  Trust The Process by Shaun McNiff

October 24, 2014

Small Works Group Art Exhibit- A & L McCain Gallery

Seems 2014 is moving fast to its closing date!  After wrangling with a flu bug I've been busy getting a selection of pieces ready for the Small Works Group Art Exhibit & Sale at The McCain's Gallery, Nov 6 through to Dec 20.

Jean & I checking out all the beautiful creations, (back right)

So many wonderful creations by a number of different artists, it's a privilege to be a part of such a great event and just in time for Christmas gift giving!  Since taking up abstract/mixed media painting 5 years ago, I have been in awe of the large talent we have in the area, so do drop by, you won't be disappointed.

Feeling inspired by a piece I did for my daughter some years back, this smaller version will be going to the Small Works Exhibit next week.  Got to run, paints dried on to the next step!

"The full expression of certain feelings can happen only through repetitions." Michele Cassou

October 6, 2014

Details and Design

Almost done, adding a little more texture to the top 3rd panel :-)
Things are shaping up with some pieces I've been working on.  A commissioned piece is on the edge of being done. At this point I like to put them up where I can see them as I go about my day, it's amazing what I see or notice once they are on a wall that I just don't pick up while they lay flat on my work table.  It's those little details that can effect and improve the overall design or finish with a piece.

It's odd, what this creative process brings out of me that is not really a part of my every day world.  I'm not one to notice a lot of details, most times I'm lost in my own little world of thought and a lot goes unnoticed by me, including people I might pass by!  I've said it so many times already, but truly it's all about the process for me, once I've worked my way through a piece, generally I'm ready to release it and move on to the next.  I love how present I have to be each moment as I create, to see intricate patterns that help form and move the design along.  Perhaps that's why so many artist come back to 'finished' pieces with new insight and then add that missing something or rework it completely.

Hidden Passages Detail
Creating changes you, it works from within.  When I first began this journey 5 years ago, I created an abstracted Joshua Tree, when I looked up some facts about this tree, a unique fact jumped out at me and grabbed hold of my spirit and has become my mantra,  "Joshua trees usually do not branch until after they bloom"  Bloom then Branch feels etched on my soul, just as I've etched it onto my work table, let the creative process have it's way and the branching will come naturally in it's time.

Hidden Passages
Well, I have paintings waiting and I've rambled enough! 

September 28, 2014

Reno and Resistance!

"Moments," it all comes down to the moments where life is truly lived.  I've had a few moments in the studio this week amid the beauty of Fall unfolding and the chaos of house reno!

In the middle of some fall projects, we discovered Hurricane Author had left behind some water damage inside our basement walls.  I'll spare you the details, but it required us moving our bedroom to the main level into what had been the spare room.  By the time we were done, dejunking, packing up the extras, shifting things around there's not a room in the house that has not been effected!  Long way from over on that front, I'm learning to function in chaos for now!

However, I took some time for making progress on a very challenging commissioned piece as well as some others that have been either waiting or giving me trouble!  You know that moment, when a piece turns a corner and you know it's finally coming together?  Well, I've had a few of them this week and it does feel good.

"Resistance is fear...Rationalization is Resistance's spin doctor."
The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield

I'm seeing way too much of 'the spin doc' these days, so like many things in my life, I'm pushing back!  Feels good.   Hope the 'Spin Doctor' isn't giving you a hard too! 

September 3, 2014

Summer Rolls Into Fall

Summer fairs, family fun, grand-daughters visits, it all rolls together to make for wonderful times and memories.

September finds us moving into a new rhythm, schedules change, we re-aline ourselves as best we can!  Like all change, it takes a little getting use to.

A few things on the go, in the design and texturing stages.  See the smaller piece on the floor, that's my Grand-daughter, Grace's latest piece, she has some wonderful textures going on, will be fun to see this one work it's way to completion.  The girls (Grace & Lyvia) and I have had lots of fun in the studio this summer, they created some wonderful pieces and sold a few at the fairs with me along with our fun bookmarks!

This little piece has me puzzling, so I've got it hanging out in my studio until I feel more certain that it's done...funny how some pieces just keep haunting you.

"An insight is a spontaneous realization through the heart, a burst of wisdom that comes directly from intuition. The intelligence of creativity speaks through insights." Point Zero, Michele Cassou

July 11, 2014

Off Grid

Hurricane Artur kept a lot of New Brunswick in the dark and off grid for a number of days, some still are!  Living inland as we do, it caught most of us off guard in that we have never experienced so much damage to trees and therefore multiple power lines down.  Hydro, land lines, cell phone towers all were off grid for a number of days and as I mentioned many more still waiting to be powered up again.  I've seen our communities come together offering assistance however they can and could, even getting news and updates on how projected time lines for re-establishing power in different areas was welcome.  The feeling of isolation from the extended world surprised me, we are use to be connected I guess.

So I'm catching up with the rest of the world and fellow bloggers and the like.  Completed some new pieces and working on others.

Not a great photo, but at least gives you an idea of the finished piece.

Though these next few are far more pastel in colour than I'm use to working with, I have enjoyed the layered complexity of this new 'fluid' painting concept I've come up with.  Multiple layers, with wonderful textures and dimensional look, love it!

#127 Tranquility
 I feel like I'm looking down at the earth from outer space with 'Tranquility.'

#141 Simplicity

#140 Convergence 
Love the ocean and these just remind me of the ocean in many different ways. Hope you have a great weekend!

NOTE: Visit my website or facebook page for details on these pieces

June 17, 2014

Painting Fascinations

I've been channeling wood grains lately, it may be something my Dad passed on to me, this fascination with trees, exterior and interior.
I love the look of them, the smell of them, the feel of their textures, our home is surrounded with them.  Oak, Black Cherry, Butternut...  My father loved working in the woods, he'd come home covered in pitch and the glorious, musky smell of wood.

The above piece reminds me of Teak, it's not far off the mark. I've created several pieces with the look of luminous wood grains. Each piece began with lots of texture elements and under painted in a combo of bronze and gold metallic paint. The finished pieces dance with light and life

This one, the richness of Mahogany with the cracked blue for contrast. 

Love my crackle, though I must say I've been having a terrible time with bottles that won't crackle, I now do a test run on watercolour paper before risking them on my works in progress.
Not sure what's up with Jo Sonja's crackle, I lost 6 bottles this winter due to them getting chilled while waiting in a warehouse for me to pick them up, but two out of four new Spring ordered bottles failed to crackle.  Carefully stored, properly used.  I share this, just so you know sometimes products just don't do what they should, it's not always us that's messing it up :-)

"Intuitive painting stimulates insight...The intelligence of creativity speaks through insights." M Cassou

June 1, 2014

Studio Stall Out

Not much happening in the studio this week, health issues kept me from it, or at least that's what I'm telling myself.  I rather think it has something to do with wanting to work with the same concepts, techniques and colour palette instead of branching out a little in colour choices and things.  It's put me at odds with myself I expect, and closes down the flow of creative energy.  This is all still so new to me, I started painting in 2011, so I wonder does that happen a lot among creatives, you get 'obsessive' about certain looks, colours, techniques that you find it hard to move on to other things?

This morning I started the process of altering a design problem with a piece that's long over due.  Every time I saw it I knew something was off, my focal point was battling with a design element, so I've laid down cover and will paint and blend it in, at least that's the plan!

So I plan on giving into my current obsession so I can get the paint flowing again, it's all I know to do right now, maybe once I explore a few more pieces I'll be able to move on to other things.  We will see.

In the meantime, my Granddaughters spend a weekend with me and Grace, 13, brought her canvases with the hopes of creating something to put in some of my art shows this summer.  Well she fell for my current obsession with metallics and rust so with some guidance on techniques she created this beauty. As she got working with the paint she looked at me and said "Nanny, I see why you love to work with these colours, they work so well together!" My other granddaughter,  Lyvia, 11, her piece is still in process, we ran into some troubles with colour mixing so will be reworking her's down the line.  Always a learning process.

"Creativity's purpose is to stir back to life what has fallen asleep, to cleanse and clear emotional residues, and to open passageways for blocked energy...Inside each of us is a storage of unfinished and repressed feelings accumulated during a lifetime or more..." Point Zero Michele Cassou

May 20, 2014

Creative Explorations!

Spring is lagging behind a little this year, we had an extra long winter with lots of snow so everything is a few weeks behind.  My hubby and his brother went fishing last week and found this running along the shore line!

I think my inner workings has matched itself up with that delayed schedule!  Well, that's my reasoning and I'm sticking to it!

I've been posting to Facebook some of the recent things I've been working on, but thought I'd share them on my blog today as well.   I'm thrilled with how this 24x30" came out!  This was a disaster piece done on cradled wood panel using pouring medium.  My table wasn't totally level and the thick layers and ribbons of colour and medium slide to one side!  One half looked good the other half a complete bust!  For awhile I thought my skilled hubby, was going to have to cut it down the middle and salvage one half of the panel.  It took some time thinking of all manner of ways to 'fix' such a huge area, then I came up with a plan, using  some different mediums and layering in new colour in repeated layerings.  The result thrilled this texture loving artist, and now I have a whole new technique of to explore!  You just never know where time and persistence is going to lead.  It's these kinds of challenges that the creative process does more to alter you as a person than you ever would have thought possible.  I'm not a determined person by nature, in fact among my family I'm known as "the weakest link!"

Speaking of determination, I finally made a decision about how I wanted to paint that big 48x48" not huge by some artists standards but it's a biggie for me.  I don't know about you, but I find myself going through times of wanting to work in a specific style or colour palette, this is one of those times.

I've been drawn to all things luminous and rusty and as the first "Reef" piece indicates oceans and coral.  So I went rustic on the big boy and love how it is shaping up.  Working on accent details now, but here is the basics.

"The continual use of my intuition in painting has taught me to respond to life's demands from a place of feelings and depth rather than from my thinking mind. Intuition has shown me how to respond rather than react."  Michele Cassou

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