March 31, 2015

Flexibility and Creativity

The last day of March, with April's promise around the corner...

Though we are still buried in snow here, it's heartening to think of warming weather and the lushness that Spring brings.  That being said, we are planning something a little different for this Easter Sunday.  We are having a toboggan party and cook out with the family!  About 20 of us, three generations representing! I am hoping to make it down that long hill at least once!

Things have been moving slowly, life with chronic pain has altered my reality vastly, and I know I'm not alone.  I so appreciated Lisa Sonora's blog post this week, she talks about life with chronic fatigue and the struggle to manage her creative dreams and the fears of what she may have to let go of.  Life is full of challenges, and adjustments and always I am reminded..."Trusting the process is based on a belief that something valuable will emerge when we step into the unknown. There are elements of surrender and letting go which have more to do with flexibility and the ability to change direction than with defeat and annihilation." Shaun McNiff

March 13, 2015

Life Etched Into Canvas

Time waits for no one, it just keeps on ticking by!  Between home reno and commissions, I've been working on some new pieces, with April just a few weeks away, art fair time will be here soon enough!

Completed a piece today, called Fool's Gold.
I wish I could find words to express how deep a painting can take you, how much of life's moments and challenges are worked into the canvas etched there in brush stroke and textures.

How do you tell someone, that everything in a living moment is held suspended in a hovering paint brush, or the scrape of a palette knife.  That your finger tips running over ruff textures hold beauty, brilliance and something more...That rusted metals and scared fragments of an ancient langue contain all your fragmented parts and life is held together in those moments where life is left on canvas.  It's a mystery far beyond me...

Since coming to this place of art, I have learned to hold things more deeply but not forever, just in those blazing moments where life meets canvas and is strong enough to hold it.

January 14, 2015

Painting Play Time

This is my favourite time of year for painting! I know you've heard me say this before, but I can't help but say it again. During the winter I focus on explorations and trying new things, expanding on ideas I've gathered, in short, it's play time! There is nothing like play to recharge your batteries and enliven creativity. That's true for all of us, everyone needs play time to keep the energy and creativity alive in your life.

In process
I'm working on some commission pieces, but while they are in various stages of doneness I play! As you may know, the way I work has many stages, requiring drying times, setting up times and problem solving times! There is nothing "fast" about my process, part of that is just me, slow and steady wins the race, my Dad lives on in me in that regard. *grin*

Steps 1&2
I fell in love with textures and rich, deep tones, so every piece begins with layering in textures, after I've thought about the basic design, focal points and the like.  However, these masked pieces I'm working on begin with a blank canvas, in which I layer in my masking elements in a design pattern that gives the overall effect I'm looking for, from there it's a spin of the wheel what I'm going to have to work with!  After applying inks, fluid acrylics and spritzing with water to encourage the colour to blend, I cover the piece with plastic, weight it down so the masks will leave a strong imprint in the inks and leave it for 24 hours to dry.  I never know how the inks will blend, or what kind of patterning I'll get and of course there will be the challenge of deepening the colours as they will dry much lighter than is my preference.

Steps 3&4
Now the challenges begin, how to better develop the piece.  I will use Alcohol inks, inks, fluid acrylics, re-mask and use spray gesso to quite areas or create harmony throughout the piece, collage and stenceling.  But those details will have to wait until I've completed them!  So off I go to solve some problems, hope you find time to play as well.

"You discover how to be spontaneous; you develop your intuition; you follow the inspiration of your heart...Skill and technique are not the focus of the work; they will develop in time. This approach demands that you do not focus on product, but that you become acquainted with Point Zero, the source of creation. It liberates you from the pressures of success and failure and aims instantly toward authenticity, personal style, and aliveness. This approach requires a deep understanding of creativity and a willingness to explore."  Point Zero by Michele Cassou

If I had to write an artist statement, which I probably never will, this would pretty much sum up how I feel about what I do!

January 7, 2015

2015 Ready Or Not Here It Comes!

Here we are well into the first weeks of a brand new year, I'm not sure where those last weeks of 2014 went!  They rushed by in a haze of holiday preparations, painting and the sad passing of husbands dear Mom on Christmas Eve.  She was a great and inspirational lady and is missed by all those who knew and loved her.

It's taken a little to regain my stride, but I'm in the studio working on a commissioned piece along with some experimental pieces I've been anxious to try.

I've only a few shots to share this time around, but plan to share works in progress as I go.

November 23, 2014

Holiday Activity

It's that time of year, everything gets kicked into high gear as Holiday preparations and anticipations set in!  Sometimes we have to find a way to create connection and allow for room in all the "busy" to enjoy the season with those we love.

Quick update, currently a number of my medium to smaller works are for sale at The Andrew & Laura McCain Gallery as part of the Small Works Group Art Sale.  Check them out on Facebook or Website and if your able, drop by and see for yourself the wide variety in creative talents and therefore unique gifts you will find.

Also I am having a Holiday Sale on select works as well as $10 off any of my currently available regular priced pieces.  Visit my website for more details and or email me, I'd be happy to answer any of your questions. If you live locally my husband and I would be glad to arrange to deliver art pieces directly, what can I say, my hubby enjoys playing Santa!

November 2, 2014

Contentment In Creating

Snow is on the ground! We got our first snow fall and I am loving it!

Winter is my time to experiment and try new things with my artwork, and I love it, love the freedom to just combine ideas and see what happens.  It's the time I am most content. Winter spells freedom for me so I love it!

My "Shades of Grey" piece is getting closer to that finished place, I think...

Working with this particular palette in such a limited colour mix has been a challenge, but oh my gosh the textures I've achieved on this one is over the top.

It began with texture paste and diatomaceous earth

Golden crackle paste, collage and palette knife to paint.

I feel like I'm unearthing treasure!

Then on the table, under wraps, well you just never know what you will find under there!  Have no idea if it's going to work as I hope, but I'm sure it will at least make an interesting background if not!

Anyway, hope others are having as much fun as I am, and above all feeling the contentment that comes with doing just what your spirit needs to.

"The magic of the creative process will never be experienced unless we persist and trust that there is a force working in every situation that we cannot know until we undergo the experience."  Trust The Process by Shaun McNiff

October 24, 2014

Small Works Group Art Exhibit- A & L McCain Gallery

Seems 2014 is moving fast to its closing date!  After wrangling with a flu bug I've been busy getting a selection of pieces ready for the Small Works Group Art Exhibit & Sale at The McCain's Gallery, Nov 6 through to Dec 20.

Jean & I checking out all the beautiful creations, (back right)

So many wonderful creations by a number of different artists, it's a privilege to be a part of such a great event and just in time for Christmas gift giving!  Since taking up abstract/mixed media painting 5 years ago, I have been in awe of the large talent we have in the area, so do drop by, you won't be disappointed.

Feeling inspired by a piece I did for my daughter some years back, this smaller version will be going to the Small Works Exhibit next week.  Got to run, paints dried on to the next step!

"The full expression of certain feelings can happen only through repetitions." Michele Cassou

October 6, 2014

Details and Design

Almost done, adding a little more texture to the top 3rd panel :-)
Things are shaping up with some pieces I've been working on.  A commissioned piece is on the edge of being done. At this point I like to put them up where I can see them as I go about my day, it's amazing what I see or notice once they are on a wall that I just don't pick up while they lay flat on my work table.  It's those little details that can effect and improve the overall design or finish with a piece.

It's odd, what this creative process brings out of me that is not really a part of my every day world.  I'm not one to notice a lot of details, most times I'm lost in my own little world of thought and a lot goes unnoticed by me, including people I might pass by!  I've said it so many times already, but truly it's all about the process for me, once I've worked my way through a piece, generally I'm ready to release it and move on to the next.  I love how present I have to be each moment as I create, to see intricate patterns that help form and move the design along.  Perhaps that's why so many artist come back to 'finished' pieces with new insight and then add that missing something or rework it completely.

Hidden Passages Detail
Creating changes you, it works from within.  When I first began this journey 5 years ago, I created an abstracted Joshua Tree, when I looked up some facts about this tree, a unique fact jumped out at me and grabbed hold of my spirit and has become my mantra,  "Joshua trees usually do not branch until after they bloom"  Bloom then Branch feels etched on my soul, just as I've etched it onto my work table, let the creative process have it's way and the branching will come naturally in it's time.

Hidden Passages
Well, I have paintings waiting and I've rambled enough! 

September 28, 2014

Reno and Resistance!

"Moments," it all comes down to the moments where life is truly lived.  I've had a few moments in the studio this week amid the beauty of Fall unfolding and the chaos of house reno!

In the middle of some fall projects, we discovered Hurricane Author had left behind some water damage inside our basement walls.  I'll spare you the details, but it required us moving our bedroom to the main level into what had been the spare room.  By the time we were done, dejunking, packing up the extras, shifting things around there's not a room in the house that has not been effected!  Long way from over on that front, I'm learning to function in chaos for now!

However, I took some time for making progress on a very challenging commissioned piece as well as some others that have been either waiting or giving me trouble!  You know that moment, when a piece turns a corner and you know it's finally coming together?  Well, I've had a few of them this week and it does feel good.

"Resistance is fear...Rationalization is Resistance's spin doctor."
The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield

I'm seeing way too much of 'the spin doc' these days, so like many things in my life, I'm pushing back!  Feels good.   Hope the 'Spin Doctor' isn't giving you a hard too! 

September 3, 2014

Summer Rolls Into Fall

Summer fairs, family fun, grand-daughters visits, it all rolls together to make for wonderful times and memories.

September finds us moving into a new rhythm, schedules change, we re-aline ourselves as best we can!  Like all change, it takes a little getting use to.

A few things on the go, in the design and texturing stages.  See the smaller piece on the floor, that's my Grand-daughter, Grace's latest piece, she has some wonderful textures going on, will be fun to see this one work it's way to completion.  The girls (Grace & Lyvia) and I have had lots of fun in the studio this summer, they created some wonderful pieces and sold a few at the fairs with me along with our fun bookmarks!

This little piece has me puzzling, so I've got it hanging out in my studio until I feel more certain that it's done...funny how some pieces just keep haunting you.

"An insight is a spontaneous realization through the heart, a burst of wisdom that comes directly from intuition. The intelligence of creativity speaks through insights." Point Zero, Michele Cassou
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