June 24, 2015

Power Of Art

Lately I've been thinking and experiencing how powerful the process of creating art can be in our lives.  In truth, I'm not sure how I would have walked through some of the dark times life has dealt in the last few years since I began painting...That in itself is one of those things that you have to shake your head and realize, Someone far wiser than you, awoke within you a desire that led to the creative outlet that would take me through what was to come.

The first photo is but a small portion of a larger work, "Deep Waters" knives, paint and canvas took all that was raw and overwhelming and held it for me, allowing me to move through turbulent waters into a more peaceful flow.

It found a home right away, its essence spoke so strongly to the collector's spirit. There's nothing more satisfying that knowing a piece that was the embodiment of emotion for you the artist somehow translated itself to another upon viewing.  Art is such a mystery and such a personal thing...

Work has begun as I pull together all that is needed for upcoming art fairs.  Dooryard Arts Festival, July 25, 9am-2pm Queen St. Woodstock, NB and Golden Unicorn Art Festival, August 16, 11am-4pm, 115 Forest City Rd, Fosterville, NB.  Looking forward to both!

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