May 5, 2015

Art Festival Prep

It's that time of year, the art festivals are soon approaching!  Though I've only been at this a few years, I find I learn as I go along, things I need to do better with, things I need to reconsider and what feels like the eternal search for a better set up!

There's lots of great ideas and helpful equipment out there, I've invested in a few and long for others.  Aside from purchasing an E-Z Up pop up tent, one of the best things I did was buy weight bags to anchor the legs of my tent.  With our New Brunswick weather, you can have a beautiful sunny day with winds that will have you permanently attached to the legs of you tent trying to keep it from lifting off even with cinder blocks as weights! I bought these E-Z Up Shelter Weight Bags last year and it made all the difference.

I'm blessed to have a husband who teams up with me to do the art festivals, along with my kids and their families.  So Jean and I are brainstorming these days on better ways of displaying my art, and I'm working away on creating new pieces for these summertime events!

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