March 31, 2015

Flexibility and Creativity

The last day of March, with April's promise around the corner...

Though we are still buried in snow here, it's heartening to think of warming weather and the lushness that Spring brings.  That being said, we are planning something a little different for this Easter Sunday.  We are having a toboggan party and cook out with the family!  About 20 of us, three generations representing! I am hoping to make it down that long hill at least once!

Things have been moving slowly, life with chronic pain has altered my reality vastly, and I know I'm not alone.  I so appreciated Lisa Sonora's blog post this week, she talks about life with chronic fatigue and the struggle to manage her creative dreams and the fears of what she may have to let go of.  Life is full of challenges, and adjustments and always I am reminded..."Trusting the process is based on a belief that something valuable will emerge when we step into the unknown. There are elements of surrender and letting go which have more to do with flexibility and the ability to change direction than with defeat and annihilation." Shaun McNiff

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