September 30, 2015

30 Inked Tiles & Thanksgiving Plans

The 30 Day Challenge is now complete!  A number of the tiles I created during the 30 days have sold.  I've updated my Available Tiles Album on Facebook as well as my website.

On to the next thing, commissions, deliveries and some new media and techniques play!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner for we Canadians, I've got some preparing to do for a big family Thanksgiving dinner at my house!  It's kind of funny as I'm far from the best cook in my family but I have an open floor plan that can allow for larger gatherings and I love seeing all my family together.  This will be our Mum's 91st Thanksgiving and she's making the pies, yum!  My youngest sister Doreen, or Ree as I call her will be adding her special touch as she's an amazing cook and Kel will be making magic with our punch/drinks and whatever else she's asked to do.  A joint effort in the food department! We are blessed to be able to come together, mother, sisters and their adult children and families, so many generations under one roof, pretty cool.

Have a great Thanksgiving Canadian friends! 
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